Q: You spoke about your members on stage earlier this year and described Daehyun as “sensitive”, which was interesting as he comes across as noisy and fun more than sensitive. Who is the Daehyun that we haven’t yet seen?

Bang Yongguk: Daehyun is an irreplaceable, talented vocalist. On camera he’s very upbeat and cheeky so people think he’s noisy and playful but that’s not all of his personality. Daehyun matured early, he’s someone who’d care for those around him by giving everything and trusting completely. Although he has a tender heart, when he acts strong I feel proud but also sympathetic. Daehyun doesn’t like to appear weak so this sensitive side of him may only be seen by us but with our support I hope he’ll be as strong as his powerful voice.

Q: Yongguk took the time to mention each member during a show earlier this year and you became very emotional….

Jung Daehyun: Yongguk is not only the leader but the core of B.A.P. I depend on him and wanted to achieve recognition for my capability as a vocalist and for Yongguk to know I’ve matured well. Being together all the time actually makes it more awkward to say things like ‘thanks’, ’sorry’, ‘I love you’. I’m grateful but I felt ashamed for being unable to approach him when I’ve failed to express myself because I felt he knew everything anyway. Confessing on stage made Yongguk’s feelings a lot stronger because usually he doesn’t reveal himself immediately like that. It felt like I’d achieved everything with him watching over us quietly with his truthful voice.

Yongguk and Daehyun talking about each other for Dazed Interview  (via leo-hyuks)
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